Youth Alive


Fast facts on our Youth Ministry, the Youth Alive!


When do we meet?

Every Sunday at 10.15 a.m in Hall 2 (except first Sunday in Hall 1).


Who attends?

Mainly secondary and college students, with the exception of a few who want to stay forever youthful.


What do we do?

We are very much into praising and worshipping God through music and songs. Our lessons are more interactive in nature. Intermittently, outings and outdoor activities are organized. One of our favorite fellowship hangouts after youth meeting is the NZ Curry House. The annual Youth Camp is one of the highlights of the year.


How can I benefit from this ministry?

Youth Alive is a place to fellowship and study the Word of God with your peers. We desire to provide avenues to empower young people to use their gifts and boundless energies in the service of God and His people.