Young Adult College Group


The YACG is the Young Adult College Group that aims to build a vibrant, passionate community of young adults that share lives with one another, spurring each other on in their relationship with God and with the community around them.

Who joins the YACG?
YACG comprises of college and university students, young professionals, singles or married from the age of 18 till 35 years of age.

We function under the three E’s :

  • ENCOUNTER : a place where we continuously experience God in faith, in the Word of God, through His Holy Spirit leading and through prayer and personal life.
  • EMERGE : to unleash the potential that God has put in us. To step up to the plate and rise to the occasion and to overcome struggles together as a family.
  • ENGAGE : to connect, to reach and to love people. We want to initiate and build lasting relationships with the people around us. We believe that it is really important that there is a place in which we can share experiences, encourage one another through challenges and mostly build lasting relationships with one another.

After YACG
Aside from our bi-weekly get-togethers on Friday, YACG is a fellowship opportunity for young adults to interact through different activities. This includes weekly sports events such as badminton, captain ball and football; movie trips, food expeditions, helping out in the monthly Psalmist café and an annual getaway trip.

Where do we meet?
The YACG meets twice every month on Friday as we have cell groups in our members homes.

Contact us! Vin Kit 012 618 2123, Yu Wern 017 326 3450, Susanne 012 667 9178, Sue Jan 018 792 2367