In addition to a church being a source of spiritual ministry, it is also an oasis of Christian hospitality, hospitality defined as the relationship between the guest and the host and includes the reception, respect and well-being of guests, visitors, or strangers.

We are called to show hospitality. In Romans 12:13, Paul says “Contribute to the needs of God’s people; pursue the practice of hospitality” and in Hebrews 13:12 “Do not forget or neglect or refuse to extend hospitality to strangers”.

TOD’s Hospitality Ministry begins when a visitor walks into the church, and oftentimes continues in close follow-up after the visitor has left. Being the house of God, visitors and members alike are greeted at the welcome lobby, ushered into the worship hall and seated. After the Sunday service, visitors are invited to join us for a welcome lunch with our hospitality team to get to know the visitor better with an invitation to return.

We are always looking for people to serve in this rewarding ministry. If you are one of these, please contact Chew (Usher Ministry Leader) or contact the church office at 03-40227530/40227560.